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If you’re new to zine construction or interested in dipping a toe in, this is a good place to start. Check out the templates we’ve culled from all over the interwebs and then practice on a few free, downloadable zines.  Finally, see what other zinesters are making by seeking out local L.A. bookstores that sell zines.

Zine Templates
If you’re interested in making your own zine, these templates will give you an idea of the traditional layouts and how to assemble them.

Print & Fold: free zines!
Now that you’ve seen the templates, you can probably figure out how to put these zines together.

Sourced from the L.A. Zine Fest’s Guide To L.A., this map shows some of the LAZF’s favorite zine depots (and some regular old bookstores that are good, too).

We’ve also got maps for our favorite dive bars, taco spots, places to get a solid breakfast,  coffee shops, record stores, and music venues.  We hope they show you something great!

11 thoughts on “Zine Resources

  1. In the OC area (just in case anyone was looking outside of LA) I highly suggest Copy4Less. Way better quality and pricing than Kinko’s. They have a few locations which makes it even more convenient.

  2. Are there any good zine distros still in business? There was a online book merchant listed in LA Weekly’s Best of 2014 but I can’t find it now. Any resources/leads for the South Bay/LAX area are greatly appreciated.

  3. Does anyone have a good link/resource to help format and print the pages for a folding Quarto? The printer options in Adobe aren’t cutting it.

  4. If you need a zine printed you can try Gotham press. Gotham prints comics and zines and will ship them to you, or if you you need to you can pick up at their bindery. Check out gothampress.com or email gp@gothampress.com

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