Things to Consider for the LAZF Application

Hello zinesters! Applications will open up on January 10, 2018—so soon!— and close on Janaury 19 at 11:59 p.m.

To help, we thought we’d provide some guidelines, hints, and suggestions for those who’ve never applied and for others who are looking to improve their applications. Here are some key things to know:

Our application asks you to describe your zines in detail. What do we want to know?

  • A short summary of the content of all or the majority of the zines you’ll be selling would be amazing. We don’t know what your zine is about until you tell us or show us. Please toot your own horn and tell in rich, radiant detail what treasures we will find in your zines! 
  • Mention the prices you plan to charge for your zines. Accessible prices are a major plus. We understand zine production costs can vary depending on how your zine is made, but we encourage you to offer a diverse price range for the zines you plan to sell at the Fest.
  • We don’t have content restrictions per se, but zines that contain any kind of discriminatory/offensive content towards humxns will not be tolerated.

The LAZF application asks you to share specific links that tell us more about your zines.

  • Please give us links that take us directly to a place where we can see pictures of your zines and/or details about what’s in them. We require at least 80% of the stuff for sale at your table to be zines, so we need to see your ZINES so we know you meet that requirement.
  • Links to your general Instagram profile page usually lead to us scrolling through many photos and never finding the zine info we were looking for. Please link directly to the Instagram posts that show us your zines and details about them.
    • Example of a bad Insta link
      • Why is this bad? It is a link to a full profile. We would have to scroll through every photo on this thing and hope that there are details about your zines in there.
    • Example of a good Insta link
      • Why is this a good link? It is link directly to a picture of a zine that someone is (theoretically) selling and it includes a short description of that zine.
  • Don’t have an Instagram or website? No sweat. You can upload images/gifs/short videos of your zines straight to Google Drive and share that URL on your application. (If this is a concern for you, feel free to reach out to us at
  • Finally, please be sure to check that your links work. Dead links are such a let-down!

The LAZF application asks you to estimate what percentage of the zines you’ll be selling are already complete (and what percent is still a work in progress).

  • If you have zero zines finished by application time, but hope to have 100% of your zine(s) finished by the time the Fest comes around, please consider applying with a friend or collaborator who has a greater amount of completed zines.

The application asks you what, if anything, you’ll be selling at your table that is not zines. This includes t-shirts, patches and pins, prints, and the like.

  • Again, our policy is that 80% of the things for sale at your table should be zines, and your application should give us a buttload of evidence that you more than meet that requirement. If it appears that you have zero zines and only merch for sale, we are not going to accept your application.

Thank you for reading this far and applying at all. Thank you for continuing to believe in and help nurture our beautifully spectacular zine community. You got this!

-Bianca, Daisy, Kenzo, & Roxy

*This post was originally posted in 2016, but we’ve updated it to reflect new application information.*


October 13th-Local Author, Francesca Lia Block Reading, Signing and Zine Workshop!

We’re very excited to announce our zine workshop in collaboration with Local Author Francesca Lia Block!!! You may know her as one of the writers of the classic (and sadly out of print) zine book Zine Scene: A Do It Yourself Guide to Zines, or possibly from her iconic “Weetzie Bat”  books!

We’d like to invite you to join us for this very special reading, signing and zine workshop! Perfect for zine beginners or veterans!  Francesca will also help run the workshop!

This Saturday October 13th at 2:30pm, this free event hosted by West L.A.’s Children’s Book World is open to teens and adults!

No need to pre-register, but you can RSVP to our Facebook event!

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Print Fest is coming!!

I really love that poster.

“The Riverside DIY Printfest is gonna be all up in your business with some fantastical zines, readings and radicalness.  This is a FREE, all ages event, so you have no excuse not to join in the shenanigans,” say organizers Angela, Annie, Alicia, and Elliot. 

Presenters like She’s Not A Morning PersonQueer Youth Visibility ProjectOMG Cow: A Comic Diary, HowdiedoodieCutie, No Girls Allowed Records, Powers of Jen,, Double FurZineworks (representing the queer zine scene), Bitch KingBlood Orange Infoshop Distro, Nik ManikatosMammal Chupie, and Plastic Water are confirmed, with more to come!

There will also be a display of original zines from Raymond Pettibon–Tripping Corpse #2 and #3, Freud’s Universe, Virgin Fears,  Capricious Missives, A New Wave of Violence, My Struggle for Life After Death, Other Christs, Asbestos, Captive Chains.

KUCR will be doing live screenprinting, and there will be a massive zine workshop by Zineworks, plus live readings!  (See Print Fest’s Facebook page for information on being a part of their live readings.)

Over at Double Fur Press, Victor and RDPF organizer Elliot make a convincing argument for attending.

This is the third year the print fest is happening and it’s a really cool to see something like this, especially in the Inland area. The past couple years we’ve met people from all over Southern California, and also ran into some people at L.A. Zine Fest that we met at last year’s Riverside Print Fest. I’m looking forward in seeing stuff from Queer Youth Visibility Project and No Girls Allowed Records, and readings from Sylvia (The Doktor is In) and Angela Chaos (Bitch King). We’re just happy to be a part of another nexus of creative people who are into zines and print art.

For more info or to see presenter profiles, go to


Riverside DIY Print Fest
Blood Orange Infoshop
Basement of the Life Arts Buidling
3485 University Avenue
Riverside CA 92501

Rainy day occupations

How to Keep Your Husband Happy

I wish I had it committed to memory (and someone out there probably does and they’re welcome to correct me), but there’s this quote from Doris where she says that it’s our responsibility to teach ourselves the things that we never learned.   I think about it a lot, usually when I’m trying to work up the energy to read a book that’s challenging or when consoling myself after making expensive mistakes in the kitchen. But mostly, I think about how it’s our jobs to teach ourselves, sure, but that we don’t necessarily have to do it alone.  In fact, it’s almost always better if someone helps you learn.

One of the biggest advantages of DIY is that it is essentially both solitary and communal–Do It Yourself ends up being Do It Ourselves (or, as FMLY says, Do It Together) as we use our projects to connect with others and share ideas.   Two exciting organizations that really embody this community-based approach to learning are DIY Grad School and The Public School.  The Public School is currently having a series that is for people who are taking a class through Open Course Ware from MIT, which adds a nice, social element to what might otherwise be a pretty lonely online course.

It’s raining in L.A. and it will be all weekend.  Maybe I’ll tap into some of these resources.

Hunting & Gathering

Dinosaurs and Cavemen

We desire your input! We’re gathering information for our upcoming Resources page, and in addition to providing a list of places to get zines, we’d like to include some online resources where people can hone their folding skills and experiment with different zine formats.  So we ask you….

Where are your favorite free, downloadable zines?  Some of my current faves are El Skate Uruguayo Me Dio Todo from the Double Fur Press website and Tap Water from The Small Science Collective, whose amazing mission is to make science fun and accessible through zines. (They also have one on fruit flies. Know thine enemy, I say.)

And while we’re on the topic, where can a gal get a good template and some folding directions? Are there any sites out there that are better (or better looking) than the classic WikiBooks page?

Thanks for the help!

Shelf Life 2: March 24, 2012

One of the advantages of having an event like the L.A. Zine Fest is that you are offered an opportunity to meet like-minded people who tell you about new and interesting events.   One such event is Shelf Life 2 at USC, which is free and open to the public.

In a nutshell….

SMART, fun, cool, STRANGE, beautiful, OUTRAGEOUS, idiosyncratic, rare, limited, low-run, HARD-TO-FIND, much-coveted, and bound-to-become important BOOKS, MAGAZINES, and objects from many of the finest INDEPENDENT PUBLISHERS, ARTISTS, and VENDORS around.
// Throughout the day
Harris Hall and Watt Hall Courtyards…

…An eclectic marketplace featuring publishers, artists, designers and their merchandise. This will be an opportunity for the event’s participants to show (and sign!) their books, magazines, and journals, and it will provide a platform for an even more diverse group of artists, publishers, and vendors to participate. Interesting crowd, interesting vendors, and interesting conversations.

In order to ensure that there are some very interesting conversations, Shelf Life has assembled a killer list of guest speakers and workshops.  The workshops at this event range from a discussion with Slake Magazine on the importance of narrative (a hands-on element is implied!) to an opportunity to make a collage that will become part of a collaborative zine with Beautiful/Decay.  Plus, Chip Kidd in the flesh!  His book covers are incredible, and his novels are capable of lighting a fire under the butts of procrastinating artists of all media.  Check the website for details on all workshops.

We’re very happy to learn that some of our LAZF presenters will be tabling at the event, like Amy Fortunato and Lee Noble of No Kings Record Cadre, Simon Sotelo, Champoy Hate, and JT Steiny, but we’re always looking forward to meeting new, talented people (maybe future LAZF attendees?)

RSVP and get event updates on Facebook

Big Saturday Night!

Alex Chiu

What a week! We made buttons, we bought TONS of zines, we saw some great live music, and we had our picture taken with a giant zine.  We hope you found some great new places to hang out or a new favorite zine!

This Saturday’s events promise to be a great way to end a week chockfull of great things to do and fun places to do them. This Saturday brings events from Alex Chiu, Champoy Hate, AND Daryl Gussin. We don’t know about you, but we are dead set on going to all three. It can be done!

Razorcake, run by Daryl Gussin