In honor of FMLY Fest…




Wow–where did December go? For that matter, how did 2011 manage to sneak by? In honor of FMLY Fest, happening today and tomorrow at two convenient locations near you, we posted this interview that LAZF did with Andy Todryk of FMLY.  He talks about the excitement of organizing events in L.A., the life cycle of FMLY, and how to throw a dinner party for 45 people.  FMLY is an awesome organization, and if you can’t make it out today or tomorrow, they should at least be on your radar.

More reasons to go to FMLY Fest

If you haven’t checked out the FMLY Fest site, you’re missing out.  Even the L.A. Times knows what’s going on! Cameron Rath, organizer of FMLY bike rides, explains what FMLY’s all about in this article on the L.A. Times blog.

“Most places where bands can play emphasize making money and it’s not about building community,” said Rath during an interview that occurred on the patchy roof of McWorld, one of the makeshift venues used for shows. “FMLY is the opposite of that.”

An inspiring read!