Mini Comic-Con Preview: PART II

Don’t forget that Yumi Sakugawa‘s going to be there! Yumi’s meditation guides are best-sellers at Skylight Books and she’s featured in Slake’s Dirt issue.

Yumi says, “I’ll be selling my short story comics and illustrated meditation guides–and for the first time ever, prints of my artwork!


Mini Comic Con PREVIEW!!

MAY 5TH, 11 am – 6pm 
Mini Comic-Con Opening at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts

If you’ve been to Comic-Con, you know that the small press section might as well not even be there.  Hoping to bring the comic convention back to its roots,  the *Mini* Comic-Con has rounded up some stand-outs among “the overshadowed vanguard of small press and independent comics”.  While I’m very excited to see a lot of new names on the full presenter list, I immediately pounced on the familiar names, and asked them to flash a little leg–figuratively, of course.  Here you have it: a sneak peak of the Mini Comic-Con! 

Drippy Bone Books

F'real Real cover

DRIPPY BONE BOOKS will be killing it softly at the upcoming Eagle Rock Mini Comic-Con with dozens of underground comix, art zines, prints and tees!!!
The featured title of the show is F’real Real by Pat Aulisio!
[Editor’s note: this is a special early release!]
F’real Real is a collection of short comix and madness from Philedelphia’s master of comix, Pat Aulisio. He is the man behind, Yeah Dude Comics, and co-publisher of Secret Prison.  His work has been seen in the amazing 3D anthology, Math Fiction, as well as his ongoing series Bowman (Retrofit Comics and Hic and Hoc) and his latest collaboration with the great Josh Bayer, The Unforgiving Sword of Conan!
F’real Real is a limited edition, B&W comic on color paper of the art comix freak in us all!

…and because May 5th is FREE COMIC BOOK Day, DDB’s will be offering a free zine, MISS UGLY USA: bad art by Keenan Marshall Keller, to the first 30 customers who make a purchase!!!!

And if all this shit wasn’t enough, Drippy Bone Books will also be carrying the entire i will destroy you catalog for the great Tom Neely, who could not be there!

Rebecca Inducil

Rebecca Inducil has been illustrating comics and doing graphic design for years.  You might know her from the Eagle Rock Center’s Zine Workshop with Daryl Gussin of Razorcake, or you might not.  I’m going out on a limb here, but you can probably expect a lot of animals–especially dogs– in her comic offerings on the 5th. When asked to describe what she’ll be selling at this event, Rebecca responded:

1. a mini-comic about traveling with sine waves
2. a compilation of comics i’ve drawn as therapy to myself (see above)
3. prints of random art i tossed away in my hard drive
4. and MAYBE some canvas bags

Britt Sanders

This is all you need to know about Britt Sanders:

@sleepybritt: finished work at 4am, now i can’t sleep. i just want to buy shoes online. sux 2 b me

Two-two-two times the fun! : Today’s L.A. Zine Week events

We’re very excited that The Last Bookstore is going to start carrying zines.  In fact, we are so excited, we are rolling out the welcome wagon! Join the LAZF organizers in welcoming the zine section to the store Thursday, Feb. 9 during ArtWalk! This means that besides the LAZF, there will be coffee from the new DBA Pour Over Bar in the store and all the regular ArtWalk madness, like food trucks and free wine and cheese somewhere.

The L.A. Zine Fest organizers will be passing out flyers and postcards, and may have candy!

If ArtWalks aren’t your thing, consider dropping by the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts, where Daryl Gussin and Rebecca Inducil are teaching you how to make a zine for FREE! This workshop will take you through not only the mechanics of assembly but also help you develop content to fill your beautiful zine pages.