Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY: L.A. Zine Week begins 2/5/12!

That’s right, folks: the eve of L.A. Zine Week is nigh! Sunday is the first night of L.A. Zine Week! Sunday’s going to be a busy day:

Skylight Books’ International Zine Blowout Sale gets going!

The Urban Craft Center’s week-long zine sale and free buttonmaking starts!

Zinemaking musical duo Magick Orchids plays a show at The Smell!

Heart On’s first Heart Break Cinema is going down at The Airliner!

And that’s just the first day! L.A. Zine Week has something going on every day, so there’s plenty of chances to discover some great new bands, stores, events, and artists! RSVP┬ábefore Feb. 4th to let us know you’ll be there and get a chance to win a FREE Daniel Clowes poster from Skylight Books!