Sliding scale FAQs

The 2019 L.A. Zine Fest is the first year that we are able to offer sliding scale tabling fees. What is sliding scale? Good question.

What is sliding scale?

Sliding scale is a tool used in the exchange of goods or services where a price range is set in place of single price.

In our case, sliding scale means setting up a price range so that tablers pay what they are able to afford for a table instead of asking all exhibitors to pay the same price. This is something we’re doing to make steps toward creating greater accessibility to all those tabling at L.A. Zine Fest, regardless of financial resources.

What is the range for sliding scale?
$0-$50 for a Half Table
$0-$100 for a Full Table

If my application is accepted, how do I decide what to pay for my table?
Sliding scale will be available to all applicants who are offered a table at LAZF 2019. Our hope is that those who face greater economic hardship pay less, while those with more economic opportunities and advantages pay more. We will provide specific price point options, along with space to enter your own chosen amount. The following image (created in 2015 by Alexis J. Cunningfolk) is one guide that may be helpful to begin asking yourself appropriate questions to arrive at an answer.

GreenBottleSlidingScale alexis cunningfolk