Authors Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain, co-authors of Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk will be talking with DM Collins and Daiana Feuer of L.A. Record about what they’ve seen, where they’ve been, and why they wrote about it.
*5pm-6pm; Main Room/Zine Library*


Playing a live show right after our keynote speakers, we are all going to boogie and wail with Sex Stains. Co-vocalist/2013 Keynote speaker Alison Wolfe did a cool, fanzine-style interview with L.A. Zine Fest HERE. The show is free.
*6:30 – 7pm; Main Room/Zine Library*


11:30am – 12:30pm
“POC Famed, Reclaimed & Reframed”
How does our history affect our identity & what can we do to reclaim it? What role do zines play in reframing who we are and the work that we do in the community? This open discussion will be led by Todd Honma of Pitzer College with panelists Yumi Sakugawa (I Think I Am In Friend Love With You), Adam Bernales (Seite Books), Mari Naomi (Dragon’s Breath and Other Stories), Angie Wang (Co-founder of CALA), and Eric Nakamura (Giant Robot)

“Old School, New School”
A friendly, lively discussion between longtime and newer zinesters. They’ll share stories of veteran experience and newer zinester enthusiasm, look at the changing landscape of zine culture, and talk about the current challenges and celebrations of making paper zines. Todd Taylor (Razorcake) will be moderating the open discussion along with panelists Larry Harmon (Genetic Disorder), Sabrina Dropkick (EAT Art DIY), Suzy Mae Mattay (Creative Director, Sandy The Zine), and Johnnie Jungleguts.

“When To Say When?”
As zinesters with all the feels, how do we decide which boundaries to cross? Leap over? Swaddle and never let go? How does leading a tell-all zine life affect our relationships in our everyday lives? And when do our personal stories become more than just our personal stories? This open discussion will be led by Joshua James Amberson (Basic Paper Airplane) with panelists Aurora Lady (Don’t Hide Behind Your Skirt), Alex Wrekk (Brainscan), Kelli Callis (That Girl), and Jonas Cannon (Cheer the Eff Up).

“Straightforward Stitches: Bookbinding for all!”
Have you ever wanted to learn how to bind books? Maybe your zines need a little home-stitched touch? In this brief workshop you will receive information on how to make two different book structures. That means you will be able to leave zine fest with two books made from scratch! Huzzah! Hosted by Alyssa Ilves (interrobang books)


Drawing/Collage tables hosted by the Women’s Center for Creative Work &
Block Printing with the Craft & Folk Art Museum

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