L.A. Zine Fest Board Game Night Fundraiser


Do you like board games? We do too! Please join us on Saturday, April 21 at Other Books, where the L.A.Z.F. Fundraising Committee will be hosting a game night with a giant Jenga, a giant Connect Four, raffles, snacks, prizes, myriad board games to entertain both casual and competitive players, and a microzine workshop for the community.

There will be a $5 cover at the door. To learn more about the fundraiser, please check out the Facebook event!


L.A. Zine Fest applications have closed!

Thank you to everyone who applied. We received about 500 applications this year! All applicants will be notified of their application status on February 28. Until then, we’ll be hard at work clicking your links and reading your apps.

Things to Consider for the LAZF Application

Hello zinesters! Applications will open up on January 10, 2018—so soon!— and close on Janaury 19 at 11:59 p.m.

To help, we thought we’d provide some guidelines, hints, and suggestions for those who’ve never applied and for others who are looking to improve their applications. Here are some key things to know:

Our application asks you to describe your zines in detail. What do we want to know?

  • A short summary of the content of all or the majority of the zines you’ll be selling would be amazing. We don’t know what your zine is about until you tell us or show us. Please toot your own horn and tell in rich, radiant detail what treasures we will find in your zines! 
  • Mention the prices you plan to charge for your zines. Accessible prices are a major plus. We understand zine production costs can vary depending on how your zine is made, but we encourage you to offer a diverse price range for the zines you plan to sell at the Fest.
  • We don’t have content restrictions per se, but zines that contain any kind of discriminatory/offensive content towards humxns will not be tolerated.

The LAZF application asks you to share specific links that tell us more about your zines.

  • Please give us links that take us directly to a place where we can see pictures of your zines and/or details about what’s in them. We require at least 80% of the stuff for sale at your table to be zines, so we need to see your ZINES so we know you meet that requirement.
  • Links to your general Instagram profile page usually lead to us scrolling through many photos and never finding the zine info we were looking for. Please link directly to the Instagram posts that show us your zines and details about them.
    • Example of a bad Insta link
      • Why is this bad? It is a link to a full profile. We would have to scroll through every photo on this thing and hope that there are details about your zines in there.
    • Example of a good Insta link
      • Why is this a good link? It is link directly to a picture of a zine that someone is (theoretically) selling and it includes a short description of that zine.
  • Don’t have an Instagram or website? No sweat. You can upload images/gifs/short videos of your zines straight to Google Drive and share that URL on your application. (If this is a concern for you, feel free to reach out to us at info@lazinefest.com)
  • Finally, please be sure to check that your links work. Dead links are such a let-down!

The LAZF application asks you to estimate what percentage of the zines you’ll be selling are already complete (and what percent is still a work in progress).

  • If you have zero zines finished by application time, but hope to have 100% of your zine(s) finished by the time the Fest comes around, please consider applying with a friend or collaborator who has a greater amount of completed zines.

The application asks you what, if anything, you’ll be selling at your table that is not zines. This includes t-shirts, patches and pins, prints, and the like.

  • Again, our policy is that 80% of the things for sale at your table should be zines, and your application should give us a buttload of evidence that you more than meet that requirement. If it appears that you have zero zines and only merch for sale, we are not going to accept your application.

Thank you for reading this far and applying at all. Thank you for continuing to believe in and help nurture our beautifully spectacular zine community. You got this!

-Bianca, Daisy, Kenzo, & Roxy

*This post was originally posted in 2016, but we’ve updated it to reflect new application information.*

Thank you!

We are still recovering but we wanted to say thank you to all the exhibitors and volunteers who work hard to make the fest happen, and to everyone who came out to the event on Sunday. We couldn’t do it without all of you!

Get to Know Your Zinester: SLUR

For this survey, we asked each LAZF 2017 exhibitor to answer a few questions and share a picture of themselves and where they make their work. You can see more exhibitors’ answers here



Find more info at: slurzine.com

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?

I make zines as a convoy for pure thought. I feel the presence of complete expression and creation when making a zine and viewing the final product. It feels natural. It feels like giving birth. It feels like a quantum bounce. Like the blossoming of a universe. When I strike pen to paper or crease that fold or slam staplers, I am in possession of an arcane act known as memory. I create zines of memory.

Why you are looking forward to tabling at L.A. Zine Fest 2017?

I’m looking forward to tabling for the first time in my life. It’s a strange experience to come from attending LAZF 2016 to tabling the next year. I sincerely feel that my productivity has payed off. Blessed.

Also the expectation of meeting so many artists and collectors and voyeurs is exciting. To communicate via art is the most sensual experience and I can’t wait to immerse myself in the communal love for creation.

Who are three zinesters whose work inspires you?
I’m not sure if I would consider them zinesters, but comic makers, art book creators, there are so many who inspire me. Mainly Sarah Horrocks, who’s works dip into the horrendous beauty of the body and the deconstruction of the real. Her demonic line work and dense writing are truly a gift.
Julia Gfrorer is another artist who’s work inspires me because she projects the horrific and depressive moments in daily life with such ease. Her line work is graceful, fluid, her stories obsessive and cruel, but she encourages me to pursue the line as a sacrificial output.
Lastly, I look to Jake Terrel, who I recently discovered. His buoyancy with characters and art is truly an awe to behold. The joyousness he expresses through delineation is reminiscent of those childhood days spent imagining stories in my backyard. He reveals the enviousness of dreamy wonderlands lost in memory. Terrel is magic and thus inspires magic.

Get to Know Your Zinester: Holy Demon Army Distro/Black Metal of the Americas

For this survey, we asked each LAZF 2017 exhibitor to answer a few questions and share a picture of themselves and where they make their work. You can see more exhibitors’ answers here


Who: Holy Demon Army Distro/Black Metal of the Americas

Find more info at: holydemonarmy.storenvy.com/

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?
I try to write and publish zines about niche cultures in ways that are approachable, even if one doesn’t have a huge background or interest in said subculture. For instance, Pro Wrestling Feelings is about the emotional resonance of pro wrestling, rather than analyzing the finer points of a Jushin Lyger match.

Folks have contributed pieces about the way their pro wrestling fandom has impacted their concepts of gender, of sexuality, how they’ve used wrestling to inspire themselves, or console themselves during periods of grief.

Black Metal of the Americas takes a similar approach, though the focus is more on interviews w/bands, academics, journalists, and so forth. I’m still trying to get at the root of a fandom, not ask about tour stories or pedal configurations.

Why you are looking forward to tabling at L.A. Zine Fest 2017?
I’ve never tabled at a coastal zine fest, and L.A. is one of my favorite places to visit.

Who are three zinesters whose work inspires you?

1. e. war, who put together a zine called “Thumb Tacks & Razor Blades: Pro Wrestling Fans Confess,” which was one of the major inspirations for PWF– there’s a fantastic essay in there about HBK that just blew me away.

2. Robert Newsome, the editor of the Atomic Elbow. I first found Robert’s zines in Quimby’s, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since. His zines are thoughtful, funny, and studiously well-curated. He’s become a friend over the years, and I’m still in awe of how casually disarming his writing can be.

3. Jessie Lynn McMains, or Rust Belt Jessie– the Poet Laureate of Racine, WI, my hometown. Jessie’s zines are fierce and brave and filled with blood and motion. They’re an escape and a reflection at the same time.


Before the L.A. Zine Fest, there’s a crop of good events

Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.57.28 PM

It makes us really excited about the L.A. Zine Fest when tablers pull together their own events on the weekend before the big day. This year, there are a ton of things to do if you need a break from zine folding for an eternity on Friday or Saturday, or if you need to satiate your zine craving on Monday.

Friday, May 26

Saturday, May 27


Monday, May 28, the day after L.A. Zine Fest, tablers Burn Black and Tenderspeck are hosting a reading and putting on an amazing workshop from 7:30 pm to 9 pm at The Last Bookstore.

Get to Know Your Zinester: tenderspeck

For this survey, we asked each LAZF 2017 exhibitor to answer a few questions and share a picture of themselves and where they make their work. You can see more exhibitors’ answers here


Who: tenderspeck

Find more info at: instagram.com/tenderspeck

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?
They are honest and from a place of love. It is scary for me to put them out into the world, but it feels good to share them.

Why you are looking forward to tabling at L.A. Zine Fest 2017?
Making new friends/penpals & getting some rad zines!!! lots of inspiration to take back to Ohio with me and share with the community.

Who are three zinesters whose work inspires you?
Elise Bee, Rita Sapunor, Sarah Grace Gladstone