Things to Consider for the LAZF Application

Hello zinesters! Applications will open up very very soon and so we thought we’d provide some guidelines, hints, & suggestions on how to improve your application!

What makes decision making a bit harder for us:

  • Dead links ‘cause, quite simply, they aren’t very helpful. Make sure to double check your links before you press the “Submit” button
  • Links that lead to your website BUT don’t show any of your zines
  • Your Instagram profile link because scrolling through many photos and pages to find a specific zine takes up a lot of time
  • If you have zero zines finished but plan & hope to have your zine(s) finished by the time the fest comes around
  • If you have one zine and a bunch of merch that consists of tees, pins, posters, cassettes, etc. Or if you have ZERO zines and ONLY merch for sale. Remember, 80% of your table should be zines
  • Accessible prices! We understand zine production costs can vary depending on how your zine is made but we encourage you to offer a diverse price range of your selected zines
  • We don’t have content restrictions per se, but Zines that contain any kind of discriminatory/offensive content towards humxns will not be tolerated

What helps us in the curatorial process:

  • Direct links to the zines you will be selling at the fest
  • Detailed descriptions of what your zines are about. Share with us, we wanna know!

*A note for those who have tabled at L.A. Zine Fest every year, or four out of the five years*

Thank you so much for continuing to believe in and help nurture our beautifully spectacular zine community. You got this!

Bianca, Daisy, Kenzo & Rhea