Portland Zine Symposium Recap

This year I attended the 13th Annual Portland Zine Symposium with two other LA Zine Fest organizers in tow, Rhea and Simon. I saw so many old friends, made some new ones, and of course, bought some excellent zines! We were seated next to fellow Angeleno, Donna Letterese, who we knew from when she tabled the first year at LA Zine Fest! I took that as a good omen for the weekend, and I was right!

Donna & LAZF organizer Simon sharing a table

With two days featuring more than 150 tablers and numerous workshops, there was a lot to see and do at PZS. I always get pumped when Amber Dearest is tabling at an event, because it’s a great way for me to stock up on zines from her distro, Fight Boredom, without having to pay the shipping from Montreal. It was great to see Maranda Elizabeth (Telegram zine) and Neelybat Chestnut (Mend My Dress Press). They both tabled and held a workshop at LAZF 2013.

Amber Dearest, Maranda Elizabeth & Neelybat Chestnut

One of the more exciting moments I had during the Zine Symposium was running across an old favorite, Arts & Crafts Revolution. I used to run a zine distro many years ago in high school and distributed that zine! I picked up a DIY zine about book binding and a copy of Terri’s perzine, Only Hooligans Write on Desks, which was a really engaging and informative zine about mental health and the welfare system. Unfortunately I can’t find these zines available for purchase online, which goes to show how important it is to attend zine fests!

Zine Event Organizers unite!!!

One of the highlights of the whole weekend was getting together with a bunch of zine (and zine-related) event organizers from across the country to talk about the highs and lows of organizing, share tips and tricks and collaborate. We got together with organizers from ABQ (Albuquerque) Zine Fest, Milwaukee Zine Fest, Zinefest Houston, Austin Zine Fest, Portland Zine Symposium and more, and had some really great discussions. Anyone up for a southwest zine fest tour?

Thanks so much to all the organizers, volunteers and tablers of the Portland Zine Symposium for such an awesome time!

It’s Here! Registration for LA Zine Fest 2013 is Now Open!

Yup, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for 2013 Table Registration! Register today for a half or full table at LA Zine Fest 2013, happening on February 17th, 2013 from 11 AM – 5 PM at the Ukranian Cultural Center in East Hollywood.

Tables went FAST last year, and we have even less available this time around! We’re encouraging those that do not absolutely need a full table to go for a half to allow for as many self-publishers to participate in this event as possible.

We are still reeling from the amazing outpouring of enthusiasm for zines, comics and self-publishing at last year’s LAZF, and we expect even more this year! We’ve got lots of exciting things in the works for this year’s Fest, so don’t waste time, register now!

Edited 11/9/12: We are now SOLD OUT!

Nov. 10th Join Rookie Mag’s Tavi Gevinson & LA Zine Fest for a Workshop, Readings & More!

November 10th L.A. Zine Fest will be partnering up with Tavi Gevinson, Meltdown Comics, Drawn and Quarterly to host a zine making workshop at the ROOKIE reading!

You’ll get to make zines in a self-lead workshop with the LAZF crew, enjoy readings from Rookie by Tavi and get your book signed! It’s going to be an awesome event, and we’d love to see you there.

Meltdown Comics
7522 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Saturday November 10th from 2-5 PM

Sparkplug Comics needs your help!

While working at Meltdown Comics a year and a half ago, I found myself squirreling away a copy of everything new from Portland-based Sparkplug Comics. You could find me devouring their comics while things were slow at the register, or putting down my hard-earned cash for a copy I could call my own.  So when I saw Sparkplug’s application to table at this past LA Zine Fest, I already knew Zine Fest was gonna rule!

If you’re not familiar with Sparkplug, now’s your chance. Sparkplug has 30 days left to reach their goal of $11,800 on Indiegogo and they are almost halfway there! They’ll be using the money to fund the three final publishing projects that Sparkplug founder, Dylan Williams, worked on before he passed from cancer in September 2011: Nurse Nurse, by Katie Skelly, Reich, a series by Elijah Brubaker, and The Golem of Gabirol by Olga Volozova. Depending on your level of contribution, you can choose to receive all three (and then some!) when they are published. And I betcha a million bucks, it’s worth it.

Check out their Indiegogo & contribute today!