Get to Know F.L.O.W and Playdate

In addition to our exhibitors, L.A. Zine Fest hosts organizations that work within the zines and DIY community. Learn more about two of our presenters, the Feminist Library on Wheels and Playdate.


F.L.O.W. is a free mobile lending library of donated feminist materials for all! We try to rely on cars as little as possible to make reading and feminism accessible and fun, welcoming and exciting. We don’t tell you what feminism is, we give you a tool you can use to figure that out for yourself.

Our main branch is at the Women’s Center for Creative Work at 2425 Glover Place, Los Angeles, 90031. You can drop in anytime during open workspace hours when the room isn’t reserved, or during open library hours (check out our availability on our new website). We’d love to talk about opening new branches in kindred spaces too!

Browse F.L.O.W.’s catalog online at and come join us this July to celebrate the fifth anniversary of F.L.O.W.! More information to come on our social media: Facebook ; InstagramTwitter ;

Playdate Pop-Up Indie Games

Playdate Pop Up is a curated selection of indie games embedded within L.A. Zine Fest. Since 2016, its have curators showcased award winning interactive projects that embody the values and DIY spirit of the LAZF community. This year’s organizational team of Bee Gabriel, Bela Messex, Emi Spicer and guest judges aim to create new connections between digital and print media while sharing the work of independent game creators from all backgrounds with brand new audiences. Below is a brief overview of this year’s games. For details and media visit us at See you at LAZF!

  • Seasons (季节)- A small interactive song inspired by road trips, beaches, and the passage of time.
  • Packing Up The Rest Of Your Stuff On The Last Day At Your Old Apartment- This game is about packing up the last room in a Chicago apartment in the summer. In first person, the player picks up their remaining belongings and Tetris-es them away into some boxes while listening to their MP3 player and the trains passing outside their window.
  • Wave Break- This project is essentially Wave Race 64 meets Tony Hawk Pro Skater. You can play multiplayer up to four players on one machine.
  • Love Eternal- This is a horror platformer with a gravity switching gimmick. Although it’s a horror game, the creator tried to lean into understatement and avoid tropes – there are no jumpscares, no rooms full of blood, and nobody has glowing red eyes. It’s designed instead to evoke a general sense of unease.
  • Robomancer_000- This very short visual novel takes place a year after two Robomancers (robot pilots) have broken up. The main character, Jyoti, must decide how they want to perform in their upcoming match (against their ex).
  • Affection Game- Affection Game is a deck that helps facilitate conversations between friends, family, and partners. The only way to win is to be vulnerable and considerate.
  • Queering Spacetime- A girl-girl dating sim card game for 2-4 players who roleplay destined lovers across the whole of space and time. Set in a pastel desert town and liminal spaces like a playground in full moonlight, it focuses on themes of whimsicality, sentiment, and a tinge of magical realism.
  • dinosaurily- Ever wanted to hug dinosaurs? As a dinosaur yourself? dinosaurily is a 2D digital single-player queerpunk dinosaur game about found family and affection where you can hug other dinosaurs, plant flowers and stickers, and freely explore different dimensions of spacetime.
  • Spindlewheel: Detective- This is a tarot-like interpretive storytelling game about examining a crime scene in a spread of cards.
  • The Parade- An interactive experience where you play as a cloaked character, exchanging masks with the individuals around you. It is meant to be a metaphor for the journey to the spirit world, and the celebrations and festivities that occur in honor of deities and the deceased in cultures across the globe. The Parade contains direct references to Lunar New Year celebrations in south and east Asian communities, as well as imagery from south American pre-hispanic folklore. The beautiful cultural meanings, visuals, and instruments are wrapped up into an experience meant to transcend boundaries and give the player an idea of how vibrant life might look like after we transcend our corporeal selves.
  • Witches Brew- Trouble is brewing in Witches Brew, a printable game of chance and strategy! Roll ingredient dice and add them to your cauldron as you rush to complete your brew before your fellow potion makers beat you to it! But be careful what ingredients you add, you might just ruin your brew and have to start over. Which witch will perfect the perfect potion?
  • Electric Zine Maker- ⚡️ Easily create, draw, write, and print zines! Folding instructions included!! ✂️ You can save them and re-import them. ️ Made with collaboration in mind.
  • Tuned Out- Tuned Out is a staticky TV transmission of chaotic arcade games. There’s a different game on every channel. Change the channel back and forth at will: To escape death; to chase victory; or just because you feel like it.
  • Wrong Box- Wrong Box is a reimagined version of what it felt like to surf the web as a teenager and what it feels like to attempt to access those spaces now. How has the experience of going online changed in the past 10-15 years? What gets preserved and what gets forgotten?

Make sure to check out F.L.O.W and Playdate at L.A. Zine Fest 2019 on Sunday, May 26th at Helms Bakery in Culver City!

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