Get to Know Your Zinester: Supernova x Epicuriosity

Who: Supernova x Epicuriosity

What would you like people to know about your zines?
Coming from a background in experimental animation, we are drawn to sequential narratives and are attracted to the immediacy of zine making and autonomy of creation and distribution they allow. We decided to explore this space because we were able to enter into a rich discourse surrounding the themes of cultural and political identity, self care and the idea of home and what it means to ‘belong’.

As we move through our journey and use our personal work as a tool to make sense of a rapidly changing cultural and political landscape we are excited to meet other travelers where their journey intersects with ours.

Tell us about a zine maker or zine that has had an impact on you.
Yumi Sakugawa & Two Photon are two of our favorite artists and zine makers. We love the way they’ve intertwined topics of the self with incredibly intricate illustrations and heartfelt anecdotes. We admire Two Photon’s ingenuity and personal brand and Yumi’s whimsical and nuanced character narratives.

What are you looking forward to at L.A. Zine Fest 2019?
We are excited about meeting other local zinesters and trading artwork and zines in addition to checking out the talks and panels this year. We are also particularly excited to see a more inclusive exhibitor list because of the sliding scale table pricing.

Make sure to check out Supernova x Epicuriosity’s table at L.A. Zine Fest 2019 on Sunday, May 26th at Helms Bakery in Culver City!

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