Get to Know Your Zinester: Mi Desorden

Who: Mi Desorden

What would you like people to know about your zines?
Mi Desorden is a zine about giving representation to the marginalized. A zine where I attempt to demonstrate realities within Los Angeles throughout the Southwest United States. I am always attempting to capture the essence of a person and their unique experiences.

My earlier publication focused on the essence of urban life in Southern California. Through an inexpensive smartphone, I was able to capture a large part of South Central through my perspective. A complex place with a rich history of culture and art. As a resident of Los Angeles, I captured the beauty of South Central through my smartphone camera lens.

Currently, I am attempting to compile several zines about the booming Central America music scene. I am also publishing a mini music zine about Chalino Sanchez and how his music has transcended cultures, even indie musician Ariel Pink is a fan of his music.

Tell us about a zine maker or zine that has had an impact on you.
The biggest zines in that had an impact on me were the zines published by my friends in High School. The zines published in the late 90s also had a huge impact on me. Sadly, my Mexican mom believed it was trash, so she threw them all away. Thanks, Mom.
As a sheltered teenager, zines were a place for me to escape from my oppressive reality. Friends and I would take the bus into Los Angeles record stores to bring back zines. When Tower Records was around we would take the bus and look at the zines in the newsstand. Tower records always had an LA Weekly stand, zinesters would leave their zines at the stand, so when a person would pick up a Weekly you might also pick up their work. We always accepted free zines. Zines were our bloodline into the DIY scene. My friends would read them during lunchtime.

What are you looking forward to at L.A. Zine Fest 2019?
I am looking forward to meeting other zine makers and the people who enjoy and support zine creators. I want to thank them for their constant support.

Make sure to check out Mi Desorden’s table at L.A. Zine Fest 2019 on Sunday, May 26th at Helms Bakery in Culver City!

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