Get to Know Your Zinester: Suicidal Goldfish


Who: Suicidal Goldfish

Describe what your zines are about in two sentences or fewer.
My zines are about dreams and everyday occurrences.

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?
I want people to know that every zine is made with so much care and in hopes that the people who add them to their collection can share them with friends. Suicidal Goldfish is a teenage love story that I enjoy writing and creating for all of us who love to read young adult fiction.

What’s the last zine you read that you really enjoyed?
The last zine/comic I read was “The Magic Glasses” it is about a young Latina girl trying to find her purpose in this social media obsessed world. I really enjoyed this comic, because Heidy the main character is so relatable with the type of relationship she has with her mother. The writer is Melina Chavarria and the illustrator is Jean Munson. You can follow them on instagram the_magic_glasses.


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