Get to Know Your Zinester: PG-13


Who: PG-13

Describe what your zines are about in two sentences or fewer.
My zines are a snapshot of the life of an awkward teenage girl.

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?
I use my zine as an outlet to express my anxiety and feelings and a tool to reach out and relate to others. I had people, young and old, that have read my zine tell me they have felt the same or they can relate. I try to take shitty life moments and turn them into something funny, ironic and poetic.

What’s the last zine you read that you really enjoyed?
the last zine I really enjoyed was “Combat Dust” that I traded @herenowla ‘s zine library. I really loved the artwork, color pallet, and the combination of cool slogans and artwork


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