Get to Know Your Zinester: STUDIUM/punctum



Who: STUDIUM/punctum

Describe what your zines are about in two sentences or fewer.
Tim and Annie make zines both together and separately under the name
STUDIUM/punctum Press. They write about film, food, radical politics, books, art, the
internet, and more, and usually combine heavily researched nerdiness with personal
reflection, humor, and visual art.

What’s the last zine you read that you really enjoyed?
Annie: I am really into the Library Excavations series by Marc Fischer of Half-Letter Press. It’s based on his most interesting finds at public libraries in Chicago; each issue is like an exhibition catalog for print and other analog curiosities. I just finished Issue #5, “A Handbook of Library Ideas,” which is a reprint of a 1970s booklet he found that lays out a list of different ideas for public libraries to better serve their communities. Many of them are endearingly utopian in sentiment; a favorite of mine is the Microfragrance Catalog – “Library cards in the cookbook files are treated with “microfragrance”, a chemical that releases the aroma of the card’s subject when scratched. By scratching the card under the subject “garlic”, for example, the patron receives a strong whiff of the potent herb. Other scents include leather, cheese, carnation, pizza, and strawberry.”



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