Get to Know Your Zinester: fuji & ponyo

Who: fuji & ponyo

Describe what your zines are about in two sentences or fewer.
We make quarterly zines of hand drawn interviews and stories centered around one thought-provoking question each season. Our goal is to open up new perspectives and bring people closer by exploring questions like “how do you deal with loneliness?” and “what makes you happy?”

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?
We’re really interested in anything about feelings and people and how to bring people closer together and closer to their own emotions and the way we experience the world. Our zines press on big, human questions that everyone comes into contact with in different ways—we think these stories (about our fear of the future, happiness, all sorts of things) are incredibly important. By illustrating them and sharing them and giving them a space to live and breathe, we hope that everyone who reads them will feel a little less alone in what they’re going through.

What’s the last zine you read that you really enjoyed?
MIND SONGS by Yumi Sakugawa—her work is so simple and so beautiful, just really really touching. Her book “I Think I Am In Friend-Love With You” is also infinitely lovely and so honest. I feel like somehow she’s able to put into words and writing all the emotions I have, but could never expressly properly until I saw her work.


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