Get to Know Your Zinester: Oatmeal Magazine

Who: Oatmeal Magazine

Describe what your zines are about in two sentences or fewer.
Oatmeal Magazine is a literary comp-zine that was born out of grief and weird doodles in 2011 and has continued to carry the project of collective grief while knitting love and healing and rage and tenderness and queer community into every issue.

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?
We publish poetry and prose that will twist your heart into knots and make you cry and laugh and feel warm and full. Each issue begins with a punny title (i.e. our two most recent, OATFEELS: The Tender Issue and ROASTMEAL: The Rage Issue) and grows into a house of feelings, furnished with soft textures and fierce words and heavy feelings.

We started Oatmeal in Oakland, where we cultivated a beautiful n badass community of mostly queer writers, hosted a monthly living room reading series called Breakfast for Dinner, and threw a lot of release parties with fun snacks at our favorite bookstore, EM Wolfman. Now we’re scattered across LA, Oakland, and Durham, hoping to put together another issue in the next year while we publish some perzines under the name Oatmeal Press.

What’s the last zine you read that you really enjoyed?
I’ve been reading an incredible comp-zine/compilation of pamphlets on rage called “re:THE FURIES” published by Cassandra Press in 2017. Super recommend it!

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