For this survey, we asked each LAZF 2017 exhibitor to answer a few questions and share a picture of themselves and where they make their work. You can see more exhibitors’ answers here.

Who: Andi Santagata

Find more info at:

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?

They’re aggressively sad, aggressively honest, and (hopefully) aggressively funny. Also, they’re mostly comics and/or about being queer! (Aggressively queer.)

Why you are looking forward to tabling at L.A. Zine Fest 2017?

I used to live in LA (for 6 years in fact!) This is my first year away, so I’m pumped to see what’s changed and who’s around. Plus I miss elotes.

Who are three zinesters whose work inspires you

Julie Doucet (My New York Diary, Dirty Plotte); Alec Longstreth (Phase 7); everything Silver Sprocket puts out

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