Get to Know Your Zinester: mutedtalks

For this survey, we asked each LAZF 2017 exhibitor to answer a few questions and share a picture of themselves and where they make their work. You can see more exhibitors’ answers here


Who: mutedtalks

Find more info at:

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?

I make zines hoping they can become meaningful to the people that pick them up, to give them some sense of familiarity, a different perspective, or some kind of joy.

I want to help others in everything I do, so when I make a zine about my own heartbreak and ask my friends and family to talk about their own heartbreak and loss, I’m hoping that someone that might need help in their own healing process can pick up that zine and know that others are going through a similar kind of suffering.

I feel less alone in my suffering when I gain this perspective to look outside of myself- I really believe we are never really alone in this world, someone has always got our backs. I pour all of myself into my work and I’m grateful to have this opportunity to be a maker.

Why you are looking forward to tabling at L.A. Zine Fest 2017?

Los Angeles Zine Fest feels like I’m going to a cool party that I’m really excited for because almost everyone there makes you feel welcome, they make you feel loved, and most of the people there are there to support each other. (I usually avoid parties because of the anxiety that surrounds it for me.)

I think if there were one singular definition for the zine community, it would be Los Angeles Zine Fest. I’m grateful for a table this year and I can’t wait to hang out with all of you.


Who are three zinesters whose work inspires you?
I stumbled upon Elise Bernal’s work at LAZF in 2015. I bought a zine titled, “Gilbert” which was about their grandfather who was a great man.

Elise is just one of those people you meet in your life and know they are special, they have been such an amazing friend that has shown me what strength looks like, resilience, and love even through the toughest of times. All of these traits show through the things they make and I’m proud to be a super-fan of theirs.

Elise is part of see/d this year, a new zine collective that is made up of two other zinesters/humyns I look up to.

Brianna Meli/MeltBrianna will always be a persyn and zinester whose work inspires me. I bought some of their work at Los Angeles Zine Fest in 2014, I also bought an eye seas tape which is one of their music projects and it’s the best piece of music from that year.

Brianna’s work has this unique style and execution that conveys the work so naturally, and it’s some of the most genuine work I’ve witnessed. Beyond the zine making, they are one of the hardest working individuals I’ve ever met and their honesty, heart, and work ethic will always inspire me.

They were the first persyn who encouraged me to make a zine of my own and really supported me all throughout that process. I will always be forever grateful to them for that and more.

Carolina Hicks/Subtleceiling/sbtl_clng makes work that makes me cry, makes me feel like I can make it through, and gives me so much strength at times when I don’t feel so great.

I treat the work I have from them as emergency life saving manuscripts, and pocket reminders that it’s okay to feel all the things you are feeling, knowing that it is a path and we are growing and going somewhere.

I met Carolina at Los Angeles Zine Fest in 2015 and when I looked at their table, and had the chance to talk to them a little, I immediately felt like their work could’ve been a physical appendage coming from their heart.

And a real quick shoutout to some of the wonderful zinesters/people whose work inspires me- Cheyne Ellett, Ellen Bae, Pat Perry, Grace Baek, Lindsey Anne Watson, Unity Press, Gentle Trent, Dyemond Obryan, Hate Paste, K.E.B. Gomez, Andress Yourself, Jess Castillo, Julia King, & Kyle Cloudfather.


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