Get to Know Your Zinester: Renée Reizman

For this survey, we asked each LAZF 2017 exhibitor to answer a few questions and share a picture of themselves and where they make there work. You can see more exhibitors’ answers here



Who: Renée Reizman (tabling as Renée Reizman and Ifer Moore)

Find more info at: and

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?
My zines express a lot of different parts of me. They can share my love for ice cream or books, or they can make us think about urbanism as a personal history. So far none of my zines have much in common, so I tend to divide them into the categories of “low brow” and “high brow” to help people match my work to their vibe.

Why you are looking forward to tabling at L.A. Zine Fest 2017?
It’s my first year! I’ve attended at least 3 other years, but it’s my first chance to share my own work with the community. I’m excited to meet fellow zinesters and aficionados, and hopefully find some inspiration for many more zines to come.

Who are three zinesters whose work inspires you?

I love Tuesday Bassen’s work, because it keeps me dreaming of joining an Ugly Girl Gang.
There’s also Sarah Heysel. A few years ago, I picked up her zine “a partial field guide to a planet” which depicts all these spineless monsters that are simultaneously frightening and deserving of love.
Finally, there’s Ryan Dodgson. I don’t know if he counts as a zinester, but Ryan Dodgson’s series of drawings, “Buildings & Bodies” is such a fun way to personify the concept of “object as actors,” by personifying the most private of spaces our homes.



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