Get to Know Your Zinester: Mixed Messages Zine

For this survey, we asked each LAZF 2017 exhibitor to answer a few questions and share a picture of themselves and where they make there work. You can see more exhibitors’ answers here


Who: Mixed Messages Zine

Find more info at:

What would you like people to know about the zines you create?
Mixed Messages Zine is a 100% submission based cut and paste zine. Each issue comes with a self-addressed, stamped envelope so that readers can become part of the Mixed Messages Club. It’s like taking secrets from strangers and gluing them together to make a cohesive, unique zine. After all, putting pieces of ourselves together makes us whole, right?

Why you are looking forward to tabling at L.A. Zine Fest 2017?
I’m ecstatic to meet beautiful, dedicated Zine makers so we can talk shop! I’ve never tabled outside of New York before, so I’m proud to be invited to the West Coast!

Who are three zinesters whose work inspires you?

Keely O’Brien, Bloomurder, Julia Eff.


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