A Note For Repeat Tablers Applying to LAZF 2017

NOTE: The lottery system will NOT be returning in 2018. 

 We’re trying out a new system this year in order to curate a well-rounded representation of returning and first time tablers at the 2017 Fest. – If you’ve tabled at every L.A. Zine Fest or four out of the five years, read on!

One of the most challenging parts of putting together the Fest is curating exhibitors. We receive more applicants who qualify for space (click here to see yesterday’s post regarding application tips) than we have room for, with an increasing number of those people applying to table for the first time.

In order to curate a balance of new and returning zine makers, applicants who qualify for a space and have tabled at L.A. Zine Fest every year or four out of the five years will be entered into a lottery. As always, those who are not offered space at the 2017 event are encouraged to reach out to those with half and full tables to inquire about sharing space.

We encourage repeat tablers who want to participate at L.A. Zine Fest to apply – those who show up year after year are valued members of the growing community! If the lottery is a concern for you, we recommend considering alternative ways you can apply for a table such as; applying as part of a collective or teaming up with other zine makers to submit an application together (for example, two people who have tabled every year applying to share a half table would be considered a first time applicant).

This platform was created to support as many zine makers as we can hold space for.
We want you there!

Lastly, based on the feedback we receive this new system may or may not be something we implement again. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email us at info@lazinefest.com!


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