WHO:  your friend, ava

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT THE ZINES YOU CREATE AND/OR WHY YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO TABLING AT L.A. ZINE FEST 2016?: I’m absolutely over the moon about showcasing at The Majestic. I’m obsessed with vintage everything, including old architecture, so it will be like stepping into a dream! Also, I’ll be surrounded by a lot of my favorite artists and friends. One of them is traveling all the way from NYC – Ms. Hayley Blatte. We went to CalArts together a long time ago, and her zine, Hirsute Heroines is brilliant. I’m very proud to introduce a new zine of mine about Love & all it’s complexities. It’s the most personal zine I’ve ever done, and it’s been a difficult/rewarding process. It will contain personal writings, journal entries, and my photography (old & new). It’s the most important work I’ve ever done. I’ll also be introducing my series “Lost Girl” in zine form – starring my friend, Rachel Fae Coleman. Inspired by 50s girl groups, shoegaze & John Water’s films. Rachel will also be tabling this year! I’m jazzed!

Get to Know Your Zinester features collages of the 2016 Fest exhibitors.
Clockwise from left; the zinesters, their work, more work, and a source of inspiration!


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