WHO:  Erika Rier, Artist & Illustrator

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT THE ZINES YOU CREATE AND/OR WHY YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO TABLING AT L.A. ZINE FEST 2016?:  My zines are filled with drawings and random things that I become obsessed with. Each one is so different from the last. My primary focus is as a visual artist, so each zine to me is its own little canvas that gives me space to develop the narrative underlying most of my work. I’m so excited about the LA Zine Fest on every level! I’m excited to be at such a large zine fest and to get a chance to visit LA. I’m busy making as many new zines as possible for what I’m sure is going to be a very fun event.


Get to Know Your Zinester features collages of the 2016 Fest exhibitors.
Clockwise from left; the zinesters, their work, more work, and a source of inspiration!

Erika Rier


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