WHO: Patrick Sean Gibson

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE PEOPLE TO KNOW ABOUT THE ZINES YOU CREATE AND/OR WHY YOU ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO TABLING AT L.A. ZINE FEST 2016?:  The Zines that I make are all about things that I love. Some topics include: San Francisco, Skateboarding, David Bowie, Punk Rock, Cinnamon Rolls, Arizmendi, The Dark Crystal, Vintage Volkswagens, VHS Tapes, Nintendo 64, Michael Jordan, Andrew Reynolds, and Margaret Kilgallen. I’m looking forward to making the trip down to LA Zine Fest ( from SF! ) because I’ll get to take a small little road trip, with some homies, in my 69 VW and see my BFF’s Kaytlen and Janice! Also, I’m SO, so, SOO hyped to kick it with Clara, of Clara Cakes, and eat her magical creations! She’s my LA bud, too. STOKED. P.S. Shout outs to the animated films of Hayao Miyazkai, Sylvain Chomet, and Max Winston! They inspire me a lot.

Get to Know Your Zinester features collages of the 2016 Fest exhibitors.
Clockwise from left; the zinesters, their work, more work, and a source of inspiration!

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