Official LAZF 2016 Artwork


We are over the moon excited about the design for the 2016 Fest, designed by artist Kenneth Srivijittakar, of the Los Angeles/Berkeley based collective publishing press known as Tiny Splendor. We will highlight Kenneth and his work more in the weeks to come, but for now, we invite you to bask in this beautiful poster for the Fest and spread the word! Learn a little more about Tiny Splendor below, and check out their website where you will find truly incredible publications, collaborations and inspiration.  

Tiny Splendor is a collective publishing press running out of Berkeley and Los Angeles, California. It was founded on the idea of finding a way to share our friends’ artwork, while satisfying our obsession with and love of ink on paper. As of today we pride ourselves on continuing this perfect marriage as we work with artists and friends to create editioned prints, books, apparel, and zines.

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