Hooray! Immediately following the Legs McNeil and Gillian McCain keynote interview, we’re all going to boogie and wail with one of our favorite local bands, Sex Stains.

You may remember Allison Wolfe as a keynote panelist from LAZF 2013.
Thanks to Allison for doing this mini fanzine style interview so everyone can get to know this incredible band (and their zine) a little bit better!

Names and who plays what, please!
proto credit: Frankie Palmer

Mecca Vazie Andrews: vocals.
Allison Wolfe: vocals.
Sharif Dumani: guitar.
Pachy Garcia: bass.
David Orlando: drums.

Favorite lyric or song title for this band (so far)
“Don’t Hate Me ‘Cuz I’m Beautiful!”

What is the name of your bands’ zine
and what’s in it?
“Sex Stains: Exposed!”  It has several of our songs’ lyrics, some collages done by Mecca and David, and a “scene report” Sharif wrote!

Favorite zine writer or title of an important zine to you
(any time period/location/genre) and why?
“Double Bill,” the Bill Burroughs-hating, Bill Conrad-loving fanzine! by the Fifth Column crew and co. from Toronto, late ’80s/early ’90s. Incredibly witty.

What excites you about the music/arts community in Los Angeles right now?
It’s a pretty accessible, open, encouraging, fun scene here in LA. I’ve had more creative opportunities here than other places I’ve lived since my early ’90s Olympia days. I’m excited about Econo Textual Objects chapbooks/publications; female collectives like Gal Palace, Honey Power, and Girl Gang; and bands like Ho99o9, Kim & the Created, French Vanilla… and a lot of other cool shit I’m spacing on at the moment!

What are you looking forward to experiencing at L.A. Zine Fest?
Sensory overload!

First show you ever went to?
Big Country at the Moore Theater in Seattle on my 13th birthday!

Fun fact about another member of the band (not yourself)? 
Co-singer Mecca Vazie Andrews is a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher with her own dance company called The MOVEMENT Movement.

Band name origin story time!
We were having a hard time coming up with and deciding on a decent band name. I posted a last-ditch public plea on Facebook for people’s band name suggestions, which annoyed my band mates. In the end, on February 14, 2014, they chose a name from the suggestions (“Sex Stains” from Matt Cote) and it was the only name we could all agree on. We looked up and a stunt pilot was writing a heart in the sky, a good omen. Our drummer had also thrown out his old bachelor pad futon that day, so we posed for a photo in front of it.

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