Roxy is the artist of the official 2015 L.A. Zine Fest design. She is a Los Angeles native (born and raised in West L.A.) and has been one of the most energetic, supportive volunteers of the Fest throughout the years. Read on to found out about her inspiration and why she thinks we should embrace our creative process and our selves, warts and all.
What is your inspiration for this years’ LAZF 2015 design? WE LOVE IT.  
My inspiration came from the strong sense of camaraderie that I always get from being a volunteer. Artists, illustrators, designers, builders, writers, poets, freestylers, dancers, musicians, djs, bloggers, readers,  everyone puts their noggins and skill sets together to make this wonderful event happen.

I thought about the physical act of creating a zine. Zines are intended to be easily assembled using supplies we utilize all the time, but never care about. Staplers, pencils, pens, needles, thread, hole punchers, printing paper, rulers, photocopiers, brushes, paint. These objects, along with our bodies, make amazing things happen but people are always so focused on the outcome (and what others think of those creations). We rarely take the time to celebrate how the end result came to be. We don’t celebrate ourselves, so to speak.

My illustration is a celebration of the process of making and those who make it. I wanted this design to represent that our making process is as important, and as beautiful, as the thing or things we make, warts and all.

How would you describe your artwork?
I draw people. It’s my favorite subject to make art about. I try to make sure each character has a visual personality different from the previous one. I think that’s why I enjoy drawing people with all the marks, parts and shades.

How did you get involved with L.A. Zine Fest?

I went to Otis College of Art and Design for illustration. That’s where I met JT Steiny and Simon. JT taught me how to paint in watercolor and always pushed me the most, out of all of my instructors, to take my art to new places. I got to know Simon better through being a volunteer puppeteer for her senior exhibition performance. Eventually they invited me to be a part of ABAW (A Book a Week).

Getting to make books through various trips to cemeteries and gardens taught me to explore and find inspiration in things that really were far from my comfort zone. Everyone was always very welcoming towards me!  I didn’t know much at all about zines so I thought volunteering for the first Fest would be a really fun way to learn about them. I’ve volunteered every year, made friends, and discovered new artists, writers and musicians who are making the L.A. art scene better and better.

Who are some of your favorite artists?
Osamu Tezuka and Moyoco Anno are my current art crushes right now. They’re both amazing artists and storytellers. You’re always able to laugh with them instead of at them. Anno especially does an exceptional job of that, specifically with her female leads in her comics. All time art crushes are; Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimpt and Egon Schiele. Total perverts for doodling people, like me.

I’m digging local artists like; Cameron Tyme Edison, Yumi Sakugawa, DusT and Adam Roth. Great people with great artwork!

Where can we see your work in person?
All of my current projects will be shown and sold at this year’s LAZF. I just finished the 4th and 5th issue of Curvy Cuties, an art zine of beautifully chubby figure drawings I doodled. I’m also writing a body positive per-zine, CURV (second issue). They’re gonna be pretty sexy and cool to look at so I can’t wait!!
You can find more of Roxy’s work online at:

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