In LAZF tradition, we are posting profiles of this year’s participants on our website between now and the big day. This year we begin with Daisy Noemi, L.A. Zine Fests’ newest organizer. She has joined this year’s team along with: Bianca Barragan, Kenzo Martinez, Rhea Tepp and Simon Sotelo. She is a powerhouse, talented photographer, zine maker and snacks on edible flowers while Neil Diamond puts bandages on her paper-cuts. Get to know her a little bit here and be prepared to greet her with high-fives on February 15th.
What is your first memory of L.A. Zine Fest? How did you get involved?
My first memory of L.A. Zine Fest was at a zine workshop at CAFAM in 2011. I think Rhea, Meredith and Simon were there. I can’t recall how I found out about the event exactly but I showed up, shyly asked about what the happs was with the workshop and the rest is history! I distinctively remember Meredith happily chewing on her carrot as she filled me in on the upcoming L.A.Z.F event. I was so poor at the time since I had just relocated from San Diego to Los Angeles and was having a difficult time snagging a job but since the tabling fee was only $15 I thought, “Hey, I can do this! I’ll just skip a couple of meals.”  Since then, I’ve exhibited at all of the L.A.Z.F events (except for this year), exhibited at other zine events throughout California and have even exhibited at Chicago Zine Fest 2014.  I’ve also made it a point to be involved with the diy community where I can. You know, like offering a helping a hand or just going out to support fellow zinesters at readings/openings.

What zines have you made yourself? How did you get introduced to zines?
Oof. My first zine was “I’ll (kind of) Miss You” & is based on my transition from San Diego to Los Angeles. That zine is so HEAVY. Anyway, I have also made a few of photography zines (“645”, “My Pressure Plate Was Missing, but I Still Took Pictures” & “haletant” vols 1- 3), illustration zines (“I Like Drawing”), and am now diving into mixed media zines like “Sew What” & “ims orry”. We’ll see how that keeps progressing.
I was first introduced to zines in San Diego. I attended a zine swap at Yeller Studio & thought it was the coolest thing ever. I didn’t make a zine to swap but some of the people I knew that did have zines gave me one of theirs anyway.  After that, I did some research and found Grrrl Zines A Go-Go. They were having a meet up (or maybe it was a reading?) somewhere in Del Mar/Solana Beach.  I went and perused their zines and thought, “Fuck! Why am I not doing this?” That was it. I was in zine-love.
Is being a L.A. Zine Fest organizer what you expected?
Yes & No. I knew it was a lot of work. I knew it was a lot of hours. I suppose I didn’t know how much pressure it is to put L.A.Z.F. together. I mean, the ball is in our court and we collectively have to make sure we are doing everything we can for the DIY/self-publishing community. We want everyone have a great time, from attendees to exhibitors. Most of all, we want to keep the DIY spirit alive and thriving by creating a safe space for like-minded people to meet and be friends and collaborate and be part of this bigger world they probably didn’t know existed.
What are you looking forward to for this upcoming Fest?
Geeze. Honestly, I can’t wait for February 15th. I’m so incredibly excited about the exhibitors (SO MUCH GOOD SHIT) and the workshops/panels and our keynote speakers! Ah. Can I cry during the fest of pure fucking joy? Perhaps the only thing I’m not looking forward to is my empty wallet ’cause of all the rad shit I want to purchase.
What do you think you’ll order at the LAZF organizer post-Fest dinner?
Chocolate cake with edible flowers because I’m fancy like that. Oh, and a glass of wine.
What is the best cure for a creative block?
For me, I find taking a small break works pretty swimmingly. I also try to talk it out (or write it out if that suits you better). You know, vomit of the brain. Just let it all out – how you’re feeling about the project that’s causing this creative block. What do you think is causing the block? Is it important that you finish? Is it where you thought it would be? When I have that kind of dialogue about my creative block certain things come to light and make it a bit easier to move forward.
What is the best cure for a paper cut?
Champagne & Neil Diamond.

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