Get to Know Your Volunteer Coordinator: Kenzo Martinez

L.A. Zine Fest is an awesome event that requires tons of setup, so naturally they’ve got some super talented volunteers to take on some of the work. DUM DUM got to ask one of these brave souls, Kenzo Martinez, LA Zinefest Organizer & Volunteer Coordinator, about his experience.

DUM DUM: Do you have a favorite zine?

Kenzo Martinez
Kenzo Martinez

KENZO MARTINEZ: Right now it’s “Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe” by Yumi Sakugawa, who is also hosting a Zine Week event on the 14th at Giant Robot 2, and tabling at Zine Fest.

DD: How did you get involved with volunteering for Zine Fest?

KM: I was tabling back in 2012 at the first L.A Zine Fest, and at the end of the day I started helping other people clean up. There was a cool installation with leaves and twigs that Walt Gorecki (Homeroom Gallery, Jewcocks) put together, so we cleaned that up for awhile, and that was that.

DD: How many volunteers do you have, and where did they all come from?

KM: We don’t have an exact number, some people can make it to meetings while others are otherwise engaged, but we have about 15 awesome people from Earth, L.A, others from nearby stars but they’re all mostly from our D.I.Y and D.I.T communities. Usually they spring fully formed with powers unimaginable from the womb of creation.

DD: What’s the volunteer party potluck like? What kinds of trouble do you guys get into?

KM: Well, it was a pretty snazzy affair with Maui BBQ chips, eggplant sammiches, quiche and stuff. The nicest people came, the sun stood golden in the sky and we dined al fresco. There was talk of art, poetry, music, logistics and time schedules. It was wonderful, until the fire…we put out the fire and filled out some Google docs.

DD: What’s something Fest goers should look out for?

KM: Each other! The beautiful thing is we’re building a community that already includes you, so look around and hang with the family you never knew you had. Oh, and you know our keynote speaker is Jamie Hernandez of “Love and Rockets” right? He’s one of my all time favorite creators, so you should check that out.

DD: How can we get involved in the awesomeness???

KM: Email me at, I’ll give you some options and then we make it happen. For this year’s Fest, get into a comfortable position, imagine something inspiring, close your eyes, take three slooow deep breaths and say to yourself, “I am already part of a community where I can openly express things I care about” and then show up! Bring a zine you made or some stickers in a backpack and say hello, talk and trade with yer awesome new buddies.

You can find Kenzo at L.A. Zine Fest! DUM DUM would like to add that no zines, pets, people or property were harmed during the volunteer potluck.

by Taylor Yates of DUM DUM Zine

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