Get to Know Your Speaker: Ron Regé, Jr presents The Cartoon Utopia

Ron Regé, Jr.

The Cartoon Utopia

Ron Regé, Jr

Sunday, February 16th @ Helms Bakery

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Bring your little lost tuckus over to listen to the wise words of Ron Regé, Jr., the man who made a New Year’s resolution back in 1990s Massachusetts to draw a comic EVERY DAY. And guess what, when he was done he published most of them in what is now an annual periodical, Yeast Heist. He’s also been published by Highwater Books, Fantagraphics, McSweeney’s, and Drawn & Quarterly, and featured in NY Times and VICE. So trust us when we tell you, this man can help you manifest your vision.

Regé will be discussing his latest creation, the ambitious Cartoon Utopia, which tackles the overwhelming topics of religious and spiritual philosophy, as well as matters concerning the occult. Heralded as a complicated masterpiece of enlightenment, Cartoon Utopia challenges the traditional medium through layer after layer of discovery, both of the self and universal. No easy feat, but then again, Regé is no ordinary cartoonist.

Along with reading from and discussing his book, Regé promises to share with us his process, exposing the inner workings of a beautiful and mystical mind. Stop by his panel if you’re ready to open your brain up and let those metaphysical inquiries float into the universe.

By Taylor Yates of DUM DUM Zine

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