Get to Know Your Zinester: My Little Friend

Describe your work in two sentences or less.

Old school per-zine, cut and paste style, heavy on the vintage illustrations. 


Where are your favorite places (in your neighborhood or online) to find new zines?

& Pens, which is in my neighborhood! And then online Stranger Danger DistroSweet Candy Distro (and press!), Fight Boredom Distro.

What are you working on for the Fest this year?

Hopefully another issue of My Little Friend, and a second issue of “Sorry I Have Nothing Special To Draw”

How did you get involved in making zines?

I started making zines in middle school after reading the book “A Girls Guide To Taking Over the World: Writings From the Girl Zine Revolution” and listening to a lot of Liz Phair and Hole.
What’s your favorite part of LA Zine Fest?  
Seeing all my zine friends from all over the country! (maybe even world?) and experiencing the collective enthusiasm for zines and print media! 
Check out more from Eryca at her Etsy!

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