Get to Know Your Panel: Black Hill Presents – Zine to Publishing

Black Hill Press Presents: Zine to Publishing

Sunday, February 16th @ Helms Bakery

11 AM – 12 PM 

Are you curious to learn more about the fantastical process of going from zine-making to publishing? “Black Hill Press Presents: Zine to Publishing” offers the insight and wisdom of a handful of veteran zinesters, as well as their DIY tips and tricks for getting it all done. This is an all-star panel you should definitely attend!

Zinesters Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson began their collaboration in college and have been designing, illustrating, and sharing home projects with the public for 10 years, with credits including American Illustration, The New York Times, McSweeney’s and Business Week. Through joint and independent projects, they’ve embraced the imperfect haven of the zine world and propagated the need to express ideas in a way that isn’t always precious. Check out their stuff at Fun Chicken.

Tomas Moniz is the author of award-winning zine Rad Dad, through which he has for almost eight years shared and commented on issues regarding alternative fatherhood and childrearing tactics. Moniz has blended anarchistic and feminist values into a narrative that aims to help ease the parenting transition from childhood to adolescence. He also writes randy poetry and album-based short stories. You can read last winter’s L.A. Zine Fest interview of Moniz here.

Yumi Sakugawa has illustrated and authored several how-to guides on becoming a more intuitive person with her latest offering “Your Guide to Becoming One with the Universe” occupying much of our reading time of late. A UCLA graduate. Sakugawa is often featured on Buzzfeed, HuffPost Arts, and NPR. Learn more about trusting yourself on her website.

Kevin Staniec is a well-versed writer and the co-founder of both Black Hill Press and ISM, a non-profit publishing organization of paperbacks and experimental art projects. Featured in the likes of Artslant, Huffington post, LA Times, LA Weekly, and Juxtapoz, Staniec knows the ins and outs of publishing from all sides. Learn more about this press wizard here.

These are the people you should trust with your life…er, wait, trust with your zines, check ’em out!

 by Rose Quezada and Taylor Yates of DUM DUM ZINE

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