Get to Know Your Zinester: Kane Lynch

Describe your work in two sentences or less.

Heartfelt, character-focused comics, often with a subtle sci-fi bent.

Where are your favorite places in your city to look for new zines?

Between the San Francisco Zine Fest and EBABZ in Berkeley, I can basically load up for the whole year!

What are you working on for the Fest this year?

Aerial Structures #2, the second issue of my Hitchcock-infused story about relationships and the transformation of the Bay Area. Possibly also another top secret project, but I can’t talk about it yet.

How did you get involved in making zines?

My friend Roscoe drafted me for his sci-fi zine in 8th grade.

What’s your favorite part of LA Zine Fest?

The boundless enthusiasm of the local community. We have two great zine fests in the Bay Area, but I was taken aback by the energy of the LA show last year. I can’t wait to come back!

Check out more from Kane Lynch!

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