Get to Know Your Zinester: Bangs & Beard

Describe your work in two sentences or less.

We (Melinda Tracy Boyce & Aaron Whitaker) create mostly autobio comic zines, but also have a few fictional comic zines, art prints, and a graphic novel.

Where are your favorite places (in your neighborhood or online) to find new zines?

We have heard of a few cool places but have yet to venture out of our home in the year we’ve lived in L.A.. Maybe one day…

What are you working on for the Fest this year?

M: The Melinderly #2 (full-color autobio and fictional comics).

A: Awkward Quarterly # 4 (autobio comic zine), Lurve (a Woody Allen fanzine), and maybe more if I get my act together.

How did you get involved in making zines?

M: When I started making comics in Portland, OR I met a great group of cartoonist that introduced me to the zine scene.

A: When I saw what Melinda was doing I thought it was really cool so I copied her.

What’s your favorite part of LA Zine Fest?

We really enjoy meeting new zine/comic people and seeing old friends that come in from out of town.

To see more from Aaron and Melinda, Bangs and Beard online!


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