Get to Know Your Zinester: Teenage Dinosaur

Describe your work in two sentences or less.

underground comix that i love, respect the artist first and foremost

Where are your favorite places (in your neighborhood or online) to find new zines?

small press shows, i also am very lucky to werk at one of the best mini and small press comix shops in history{floating world}, and all my friends are comix artists so we keep oneanother well informed

What are you working on for the Fest this year?

a plane ticket, and i have a new issue of REAL MADNESS by the world famous Bobby Madness, and a new mini from Al Frank aka Casanova Frankenstein called LAKESHORE. I’m also likely to have a new issue of my own zine VIDEO TONFA.

How did you get involved in making zines?

my friend ross showed me how to put them together for the photo copier. that was probably 1994. i made minis and then did an anthology with my friends, which grew pretty well. at that point i was allready in too far to back out.

What’s your favorite part of LA Zine Fest?

this is my 1st so i’m enjoying the anticipation. i have never been to a comix show in LA, which seems crazy to me. it will be cool to see my LA friends and hopefully make a few new ones too.

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