Get to Know Your Zinester: Irene

What was your first zine about and when was it made?

My first zine was a nonfiction comic about a victorian mass hysteria incident surrounding a monster called “Spring Heeled Jack.” I made it in 2007.

Describe your most recent zine.

The newest issue of Irene, which I self publish with two good friends. This issue came out in October 2013, and features Alabaster, Andy Warner, Barrack Rima, Ben Horak, Dan Rinylo, Dakota McFadzean, dw, Jess Worby, Leif Goldberg, Luke Howard and Sophie Goldstein. It’s really beautiful, and I’m proud as hell of it.

Of all the things you’ve ever made, zine-related or otherwise, what’s your one favorite?

The Man Who Built Beirut (, which I created in 2010, started my career in nonfiction comics. Since comics journalism is pretty much my job now, it’s probably the thing I did that changed my life the most. You can see a lot of my other nonfiction at

Name three of your influences and how they affected your work.

Jaime Hernandez for the art, Joe Sacco for the grit and my former professor James Sturm for the astonishing ability to balance a hundred projects at once.

What do you do when you’re not creating and how does it help or harm what you do artistically?

I try to go for a long walk everyday. I live right next to a giant hill with an amazing view in San Francisco, and climbing it helps me take a break from drawing and writing all the time. Then I eat a snack.

See more from Andy Warner on his website.

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