Get to Know Your Zinester: Mark Wang

What was your first zine about and when was it made?

I made a zine last year called “Pretty Lush” that is all about foliage. I guess that would be the first thing that I made that I would consider a zine.

Describe your most recent zine.

Its a comic about a dog that falls asleep. Its 24 pages. So I guess that’s exciting.

Of all the things you’ve ever made, zine-related or otherwise, what’s your one favorite?

In college I made this huge-ish poster size comic that was about being an “ABC”. I was trying my hardest to rip-off Chris Ware, but keep my drawing style. I remembered clearly when working on it I thought “Yes. This is it. I’m doing comics.” I really thought I was on my way to becoming the next Chris Ware or some other bs, but looking back on it the piece wasn’t all that great and I’m not going to be the next Chris Ware. Yea, but I still had fun and I still thought I was doing comics, and now I comic, or at least try to.

PS. and I still love Chris Ware.

Name three of your influences and how they affected your work.

Moebius- Because lines are cool

Frank Santoro- Because grids are cool. (I’m still don’t “get it” completely, but I’m trying. i.e learning is a slow burning process)

And a three-way-tie for number three between Michael Delforge, the fort thunder guys, Aidan Koch because I’m fickle -Because boy are they something.

Plus so many more cartoonist. Gawd. Ain’t dem cartoons somethin’ special.

What do you do when you’re not creating and how does it help or harm what you do artistically?

Usually always staring at something. Sometime sittin is involving. sometimes not.
Yea I can’t say if it helps or not. Sometimes reading and lloking at things helps me make. Sometimes i just need to stop eyein’ people’s work and start making lines. I guess as long as it doesn’t kill me at least I would still have the option of making things, and that always helps. And I guess I’m not dead yet so that means i guess it doesn’t harm?( I am shrugging so hard right now)

Check out more from Mark Wang on his website!

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