Get to Know Your Zinester: Bogus Press

What was your first zine about and when was it made?

My first zine was a one off X-Files fanzine I made with my best friend when we were 10 years old. It was full of quotes, trivia and crayon drawings of aliens. I think it’s actually one of my better zines.

Describe your most recent zine.

My most recent zine is a collection of comics called I am a Woman Now. It’s sort of an exposé of my mid twenties and all it’s embarrassments. But with laughs!

Of all the things you’ve ever made, zine-related or otherwise, what’s your one favorite?

I mean, I made a great pumpkin curry last year, but my two most recent zines Bogus #2 and I am a Woman Now are both pretty great! Are they my favorite thing I’ve ever made ever? Maybe. Are they available for purchase? Definitely! Buy the zines!

Name three of your influences and how they affected your work.

Ariel Schrag, Phoebe Gloeckner and Julie Doucet are all huge influences, especially with the work I’ve been doing lately. They taught me that being brutally honest in your art is difficult but always worth it. I’ve found it can be extremely validating to see someone else voicing a thought or sharing an experience that you’ve had but were too scared to share yourself. The female perspective has a history of getting overlooked, and I feel lucky to have artists like them available to me.

I try to show things in my comics that are generally a little embarrassing to talk about. I don’t think there’s any shame in making mistakes, and I don’t believe in subjects being taboo. My most successful work as been the stuff that didn’t pull any punches and included excerpts from my diary. I think it’s that unapologetic honesty that resonates with people the most.

What do you do when you’re not creating and how does it help or harm what you do artistically?

I work at an elementary school and the kids definitely keep me on my toes! I’m trying to find a balance between being inspired by their creativity and imagination, and being too tired at the end of the day to do anything. I don’t know where they get their stamina. Maybe I need to start eating more Hot Cheetos.

For more from Bogus Press, check out their Tumblr.


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