Get to Know Your Zinester: Maranda Elizabeth

 Describe your work in two  sentences or less.

 I write magnificently personal  stories about mental health &  illness,   writing & creativity,  self-care & support, femme  identity, borderline    personality disorder,  genderqueerosity, and how to  cultivate    meaningful,  magical, artistical days.

 Where are your favourite places (in your neighbourhood or  online) to find new zines?

and my friends & pen pals.

What are you working on for the fest this year?

Oh my! So much! Lately I’ve been attempting to articulate stories & feelings about being a disabled artist, how to support the creative & messed up weirdos in our lives, and making messes & magic as I deal with my Return of Saturn. So, I’ll have perzines on those topics, as well as winter survival, broke femme life, vulnerability, and friendship.

How did you get involved in making zines?

Some girls in junior high passed out free compilation zines in the school hallways and the lone indie café of my hometown of Lindsay, Ontario back in 1999, and a few years later, I found the guts to write.

What’s your favourite part of LA Zinefest?

Hangin’ out with my zine friends old & new, reading new zines, meeting my pen pals, delighting in the magic of flora and fauna and sunshine unlike anything I could experience at home.

For more from Maranda Elizabeth, check out their blog.

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