At LA Zine Fest, we are thankful for…..

The closer we get to February, the more we’ve been thinking about how grateful we are for everyone who helps make the L.A. Zine Fest happen. Anyone who volunteers with us, who tells us what a great time they had at previous Fests, who shares what we do with friends, or who comes out to our events keeps us going strong throughout the year.

This year, we’ve been incredibly fortunate to have 83 people pitch in and help us overcome an obstacle we have every year. By contributing to our Indiegogo, these folks ensured that we could do things like pay for necessary permits with the city, get event insurance, rent extra restroom facilities, and keep table costs affordable. For that, we would like to say a HUGE Thank You to matt.carman, sweetcandydistro, jimhiggins63, geis256, champchampchampoy, thibui, dumdumzine, gabemart, contribute1332110111, yumisakugawa, alec7, AMBER.D.GARZA, emilynathon, amy.fortunato, RebeccaPeloquin, DonnaMandosa, LAw13, affichezine, GarrettKelly3, ssc1220681, dethpsun, elliott.kaplan, alady, clairempalermo, karen4hair, ebbsandfloods, daisyngomez, brothergonzo, theradvocatemag, lephant23, joeltepp, lynn.trickey, contribute1381446860, AdamBernales, mendmydresspress, kevinuehlein, contribute1381780638, datura666, matthew.thomas.walsh, russellhonor, tomas.moniz, Loran, Bubba.Mahoney, DerekChristianQuezad, AndrewLush, DonnaLetterese, slackmistress, contribute1379297685, annmchiu, erickabailie, jesse.tise, AbrahamFinberg, zakbyrd, joelouis_x, waltproductions, lydia.cholico, emilypaintsanddraws, kjsmyser, sbwriting, Tomwalsh5, bjayaa, plumdill, contribute1381895072, janet.i.lyuh, iezinefest, contribute1381904112 and to our donors who chose to remain anonymous.We appreciate your donation and, more, we appreciate that you support us. Truly, we could not do this without you.

And to everyone who helps us in all the ways we need it, we are very, very thankful.

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