San Diego-based Mobile Zine Library asking for donations!

mobile zine library

Lisa Y. Mendez of Uno Foto zine needs donations–yours or any zines you don’t read so much anymore–to get her mobile library up and running.  As she writes,

…There’s mobile food trucks, mobile fashion trucks, mobile tattoo trucks (just saw one last week!)

So, I decided I want a Mobile Zine Library! I don’t have a truck, but being mobile doesn’t require a big ol’ truck.

Anyhow, I need some help starting it. I’ve got a fair amount of zines now, but I’d love to have an even greater variety to lug around and share.

I plan on having the first Mobile Zine Library “event” near the end of November (location TBA in San Diego), but I will also be visiting my hometown of El Paso, TX and plan on sharing the zine love there too.

Feel free to email me with more questions!

What a great way to get some new zines! I hope to see this zinemobile on the streets between San Diego and El Paso soon.


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