Border Comics 2013 recap


When I was getting ready to go to Tijuana for Border Comics, all my friends who regularly visit the city told me to have fun. All of my friends who’d never been to TJ cautioned me not to get murdered. I did both!

The event’s host, IMAC, and the Center for the Arts Eagle Rock (organizers of everything on the California side of the border) took amazing care of all the L.A presenters, and the turnout was very good. Even though LAZF and I didn’t sell a ton of stuff, I made enough to buy drinks and some awesome velas to protect me from gossip and my enemies.

Photo Aug 10, 7 16 01 PM

What really made the day were the artists from Tijuana. So many of the presenters came around to every table and engaged all the L.A. folks in conversation, despite the occasional language barrier.  They were very open to trades and swapped a ton of stuff with my tablemate/BFF Rebecca and me.  Some of the haul:

100_3516                 100_3519

My Boring Life by Lydia Hernandez

100_3517                 100_3518

Pizza Is Awesome by Mario Tapia


A sticker by Jonás Romero

I also outright bought some buttons from Charles Glaubitz, whose comic “The Secret Societer” was one of my favorite items of the day. The protagonist in SS is an anthropomorphic mound of “white poop” that works for the Iluminati. So, you know, pretty run-of-the-mill stuff.

charles glaubitz_SS

Overall, this trip was a huge success and I hope to return to Tijuana and Mexico in the name of zines again very, very soon. Thanks to illustrator/cabinet refinisher Rebecca Inducil for getting me on the ticket to this awesome weekend!


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