International Zine Month: don’t worry–it’s not over yet!!

From Utne: Papercut Zine Library

26- Submit something to a compilation zine.

27 – Organize a zine event! A zine reading or a zine fair or fest or even just for friends to get together and work on their zines.

28 – Cook with a recipe from a zine or cook zine!

29- Post a photo online of you with your zine or your zine collection.

30 – Read some zines! Lay in bed and read zines all day if you can!

31 – Log into WeMakeZine and write about your experience or write about it on your own blog.

Stolen Sharpie Revolution website

Even as it draws to a close, International Zine Month finishes strong. I’m feeling like my zine muscles have been stretched and strengthened, and 90% of my participation was just retweeting things other people did.  THAT’S HOW EFFECTIVE IZM IS. It’s not too late to hop on board and pretend like you were here all along 🙂


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