Why aren’t there more DIY venues in LA? Because you didn’t write a letter about it.

Did you know that DIY venues have had a really hard time staying open? Did you know that while other cities like New York and Austin turn a blind eye to under-the-radar venues and DIY spaces, LA’s “hell-bent” on shutting everything down that’s not a business?  I didn’t know any of this until LAZF organizer Rhea posted this article from the LA Weekly all about how it is basically impossible it is for so many of our great DIY spaces to do what they want to do without getting shut down by vice squads. To put it lightly, that sucks. But what can you and I do besides complain loudly and often? Go to The LA Fort this Sunday and get your ideas onto paper.

THIS SUNDAY your voices, pens and presence are requested to show your support and discuss ways we can create sustainable, independent, all ages spaces in Los Angeles. Join the likes of Michelle Carr (from Jabberjaw fame) and other community organizers, artists, musicians and most of all supporters of local creative experiences!!!!

L.A. Zine Fest will be putting together a collaborative zine filled with your stories, poems, rants, comics, illustrations, interviews, recipes etc. about all ages spaces in L.A.

Michelle Carr (Jabberjaw)
Cameron Rath (The LA Fort + FMLY)
Grant Capes (Human Resources + formally Echo Curio)
Kendall Dill (Pico Union Project)
Geoff Geis (local super hero)

For further reading:

“No Fun Allowed: It’s Damn Hard to Legally Host Live Music in L.A” from LA Weekly


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