Zine recommendations from Ms. Valerie Park Distro

Based in Portland, Or. and Olympia, Wa., Ms. Valerie Park Distro is run by Joshua James, Chask’e Lindgren, and a small group of friends. Their sizeable catalog includes artists, writers, zinesters, musicians, and small record labels from around the Northwest.  They suggested we check out….
What: Cometbus #55
Where I got it: Orca Books in Olympia, Wa.
Why I recommend it: I’ll say first off that I’ve never been a huge Cometbus fan. I’ve always liked it but never loved it. I picked it up when I was visiting my old stomping grounds of Olympia and saw it on the shelves at my old work. The only initial reason was that I hadn’t read an issue in a while. The next day I got an email from a friend in Louisville, asking if I’d read it. The synchronicity of this piqued my interest, so I started in and couldn’t stop. It was such an engaging look at aging in DIY communities. I’ve passed my copy around and recommended it a lot in the couple months since and it’s been fascinating to see how people react to it. Everybody takes away something different. While I was inspired by it and excited to grow older, another friend was depressed by it. While one friend wanted to argue about the intricacies of it, another just saw it as a great story. Definitely one for those that love a good literary zine and want to start a conversation.

Other places to get it: http://www.portlandbuttonworks.com/store/cometbus-55-pen-pals

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