Gearing up for International Zine Month?

zine workshop #1 @ the pop hop!

In less than a week, it will be July–International Zine Month! Get started early by signing up to present your zines on June 30th at Ooga Booga #2. It’s being organized by Ooga Booga, Alumnos47, and For YourArt, AND there will be cookies! More information here!

Once you’ve knocked that out, sign up to do the 24 Hour Zine Thing, which challenges you, wherever you are, to make a zine in 24 hours. There’s no set date to make your zine, just a deadline: July 31. Their Facebook will be posting people’s completed zines soon!

Submit to a zine! Here are a couple I’ve been taking a look at:
Deadline July 22: On Struggling Bodies (stories about your body/our bodies by people of color)

No posted deadline: Forever Falling Sideways (a “radically minded health zine” seeking stories on everything from holistic medicine to poetry)


One thought on “Gearing up for International Zine Month?

  1. People of color!
    Who are the people that aren’t a color?
    I’ve still yet to see a colorless human being
    Lets keep segregating ourselves
    I really thought the zine community was better
    than that.

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