The week in review!

workin hard at zineing

Pictures are up on our FB of a few reasons why we had such a good time at VICE’s party with Casa Indio Beer! Meeting new people in an atmosphere of snacks and beer is pretty much our favorite thing to do. If that’s your thing, too, you should come out and visit us at the Airliner (21+–sorry!) on July 13 when we partner with Soundpaint! What will we bring to the party? How about an interactive postcard workshop. BOOM! We’ll see you there.

In other news…

-Our friends at POC Zine Project are coming to town–well, they’re going to a lot of towns because they are launching the 2013 Race Riot! Tour.  L.A. dates are October 16 and 17!

ABQ Zine Fest registration is OPEN.  The Fest takes place on October 5 and 6. You know, they say Albuquerque is lovely in October…

-We saw some good stuff on The Last Bookstore’s zine rack.

-And sort of tangentially connected to zines, Adrian Chi of Bite The Cactus zine and the band Spokenest, has a new solo tape under the name Badlands and it is solid.  That’s sort of a bonus from LAZF to you.

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