Great trades from Claremont Zinefest!


Trades garnered from Claremont Zinefest. We’re going to have a few more pictures and a recap up soon! If you’d like to see what the Claremont ZF was like, you should probably check out this recap.

It was great to meet some new people! We traded with A Shop Called Quest (Skinner; ColorInkBook), Rusty Jordan (History In Ruins), Zineworks (Pocket Guide to Being a Safe & Sane Zine Pal), Allied Forces Press (Raw Bones, New Observations, ALFQuarterly, Battle Toads), Julia Glassman (Formulaic), SPEW Stickers (Midnight Madness), and Camera Creeps (Loophole). The superheroes-as-cats-in-costumes cards are by Nathaniel Osollo.

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